Friday, October 28, 2011

A Family of Eagles

Returning from a walk yesterday and preparing to do farm chores, I heard an animal sound I didn't recognize, and looked all around for it. It was a chittering, talking sound.

Squirrel? No.

Redtail Hawk? No - they have a distinct Kee-Kee call.

With some hidden instinct, I looked straight above me and soaring high overhead I saw this:

Bald Eagles!

Actually, there were five total - two with the distinct white head and tail, and three smaller ones in a dark color, which I can only assume were juveniles.

Do they have a nest nearby? We live on a long ridge between two branches of a river, and hopefully there are enough fish in the river to support these eagles. I see them occasionally (maybe several times a year) around here, but have never seen what I believe to be a family of eagles in these parts.

It was definitely my thrill for the day.

Have you ever seen a Bald Eagle? Or a family of them?
Are they common where you live?


Dreaming said...

You are so lucky!
I had my first Colorado Bald Eagle siting a few weeks ago. I was driving along a new road that runs through some wide-open prairie. I glanced to the right and saw the eagle perched on a telephone pole. He was huge!

Linda Benson said...

They are big birds, aren't they, Dreaming? And magnificent. I hope you see one flying soon!

Cordelia Dinsmore said...

First time to your blog, and I just wanted to say hello and congratulations on your release. I'm down to only one horse, and she's getting quite elderly, but she's my baby. Can't wait to read your book, and best of luck in your journey with Musa.

Linda Benson said...

Thank you, Melody. I love older horses. They are often so settled, and wise and kind.