Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chasing California Condors

On a recent trip to Arizona, I was intrigued to be "somewhat" close to the site where endangered California Condors are released. So after a day at the Grand Canyon and a detour through the Navajo reservation, we decided to try and find it. Wouldn't it be awesome to actually see one of these magnificent birds soaring the skies?

But because of a highway closure, we had to travel thirty miles over a washed-out dirt road with many warning signs (shhh - do not tell the rental car company.)

But we finally found the release site!

But alas, no California Condors. Only a murder of crows.

I did just find this cool Condor Cam, though, which right now is showing condors being released into the wild near Big Sur, California: http://www.ventanaws.org/condor_cam/