Cat Tales

Cat Tales
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These wildly popular short reads about cats and their people are suitable for the entire family. They are stand-alone stories, and can be read in any order.
The Winter Kitten (Cat Tales Book 1)
Brianna doesn't know how she'll make it through her first winter in Portland. It rains too much, she misses her mother and the country life they once shared, and with Christmas coming up she's having a hard time adjusting to life with only her dad. When she finds a kitten trapped in their garage, Brianna is sure things will get better. But nothing goes as planned, and Brianna wonders what she's gotten herself into.
The Springtime Cat (Cat Tales Book 2)
Dee finds an injured tabby hiding in a blackberry patch, and risks her mother's wrath to bring it home. But as the cat regains health and sneaks its way into Dee's heart, it ultimately will heal her family in totally unexpected ways.
The Summer Cat (Cat Tales Book 3)
When Spuds goes missing, Hannah's whole world comes crashing down, and an interloper who shows up only makes things worse. Can a faraway friend help find this special cat, or is it already too late?
The Autumn Kitten (Cat Tales Book 4)
Can Grace find true love on the internet? Widowed Grace is handling life just fine on her own, except for endless chores and long, lonely nights. But when she falls head-over-heels for a pair of blue eyes she spots online, life suddenly becomes complicated. Will she let a kitten decide who she should date?
The Newlywed Cat (Cat Tales Book 5)
Alison and Matt have been married for only nineteen days and they're already having their first fight. When an awesome grey cat comes into their lives, they both adore it and things go more smoothly. But when money gets tight and things look bleakest, will this free-spirited cat drive a wedge between them?

The Accidental Kitten (Cat Tales Book 6)

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Brian has left his parent's ranch and struck out for a life of his own. But renting a run-down apartment takes most of his money, and finding a job in the city proves difficult. When he meets a quirky young woman and then rescues a tiny kitten from certain death, things become more problematic. Brian can't afford a pet, and besides, he doesn't even like cats. What good are they?
Cat Tales (Books 1-4)
Contains the first four stories in the Cat Tales series (The Winter Kitten, The Springtime Cat, The Summer Cat, and The Autumn Kitten) from award-winning author Linda Benson, plus a note from the author.