Friday, June 6, 2014

Announcing - The Summer Cat

Big News, everyone! The third in my series of short fiction about cats, called
The Summer Cat, was just released.

When Spuds goes missing, Hannah's whole world comes crashing down, and an interloper who shows up only makes things worse. Can a faraway friend help find this special cat, or is it already too late?

Available as an ebook on Amazon for only $0.99, this is the third in a series called Cat Tales, all featuring different cats and their people. The other two are The Winter Kitten and The Springtime Cat (which leaves one season left, she says, fingers burning up the keyboard.)

The Winter Kitten and The Springtime Cat have been selling quite well. In fact, in the UK, they've often been in the top ten in their category, with The Winter Kitten even hitting #1 in Children's Books>Animals>Cats, more than once! (Thank you, Readers and Cat Lovers!)

I'm hoping for repeated success with The Summer Cat. Early readers have told me they loved it, and in fact, it made them choke up a little.  Lovely cover, too, don't you think?

So that's what I've been up to! Writing. (Also feeding cats. And dogs. And raising baby chicks, but that is another story entirely.)

Here's the link to The Summer Cat on Amazon: