Thursday, April 23, 2015

Girly-girl things

I have never been a girly-girl.

I hated dolls at Christmas. I wanted farm sets, with tractors and barns and horses that went into toy stalls and corrals. I played with those for hours.

I never had a sister to show me how to do make-up. Instead, I had two brothers who showed me how to be tough.

Fast forward to present day. I am about the same. I would rather clean the chicken pen than fix dinner.

 I do enjoy getting my toenails painted (in the summer) but fingernails? Forget it.

I am daily grubbing in the dirt: planting, weeding, cutting blackberries, hiking, taking care of animals and basically getting dirty. (I love dirt.)

So when my daughter decided to host a Jamberry party, with lots of designer nails to choose from, I initially balked.

Not for me. I don't wear that kind of stuff.

But being a supportive mother, I decided to at least look through the designs.

And O.M.G. I LOVE them. I find myself dreaming about being a girly-girl now, and wearing, you know, actual "outfits" (instead of just my newest pair of jeans and clean t-shirt.)

And picking out designer nails to go with my "outfits." (They even have some nails with horses on them! But none with cats, at least that I could find.) But Flowers. Yes! Lots of Flowers.

Here are my favorites so far.

But I also like:

So what do you think? Which ones should I choose?

Is there any hope for me ever being a real Girly-Girl?

P.S. To see even more spectacular nails from Jamberry, here's the link to my daughter's site:


Jody said...

Not sure I would recognize you without jeans and t-shirt. It will be a fun experience for you to try fancy nails. Just wear garden gloves and they will be fine.

Linda Benson said...

Ha! Yes, I am probably going to try some. (And the blue ones will look great with jeans.) Now if I can just get the darn things on!

Linda Benson said...

My daughter just informed me that you can even design your own nails. Oh hey - I could get all of my book covers on different nails! (They are lovely covers.) Now that would be a conversation starter!

Patricia said...

Wow! This would be quite a change for you, eh? Well, I was waiting to see the nails with horses on them. I'll look through the link from your daughter. I have never liked fake nails but I do enjoy every several years going to have a mani-pedi. So relaxing and decadent!

Anonymous said...

Patricia - Definitely check it out! They aren't fake nails, they are nail wraps that go on your actual nails and they are really easy. I'm not a girly girl either but I love them.

Linda Benson said...

So I did order some! In the end, I just chose some pink and plum with swirly stuff, and I got one garden set to see what I think. I will let you know! Here's the horse design, which is pretty cute, too. :-)