Saturday, April 4, 2015

Botanical Oddities

Nature fascinates me, and I love all growing things.
But this one is a real head-shaker.

First, note this lovely Hawaiian Tree Fern.
Stepping back, notice the lovely blooming azalea, and the small blue-grey Deodar Cedar in the foreground, as well as the branching oak to the left.
But is all as it seems?
That Oak Branch to the left? It is actually GROWING out of the trunk of the Tree Fern.
And the Deodar Cedar tree is also.
In fact, here are some more starts of both cedar and oak sprouting just above the large oak branch.
There is a large Cedar of this variety about thirty feet away, as well as many oaks quite close. So I suspect birds sat here and dropped the seeds. Or perhaps woodpeckers planted them there.
Anyone else have some plausible explanation? *cue spooky music*
File this one under: Life Will Find a Way.
What do you think happened?

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Patricia said...

I agree with you. Pollination in its most beautiful form.