Friday, July 1, 2011

Puppy Watch, Happy July, and Coming Attractions

Happy July Everyone! Hope you spend the weekend Reading, Writing, Riding, Barbecuing, Sailing, Skydiving, Biking, Hiking, or whatever else suits your fancy!

As for me - I'm on Puppy Watch.

Our new dog Penny had her spay surgery yesterday. We picked her up this morning with instructions to keep her calm and quiet for 10-14 days. Are you kidding me? This whirling dervish of a dog?

The veterinarians must have felt sorry for us because they sent us home with tranquilizers. Penny is an outside dog, constantly leaping, chewing, digging, biting, running, jumping, and wrestling with our old dog, Homer. I had envisioned simply separating the two dogs, and that Penny would lie down and nap. Ha!

Even after a tranquilizer, this little dog darts around like crazy, and so now she is locked in a big crate (I am not a fan of this, at all) while I take her out for frequent short walks on a leash or sit with her. *sigh*

Let's hope she heals quickly so we can return to some degree of normalcy, and she can go back to leaping, playing and being her youthful, exuberant self.

Meanwhile, some upcoming things to watch for -

A great interview with author Rosanne Parry, author of Heart of a Shepherd and her newest book Second Fiddle, with a giveaway of Second Fiddle. Coming up here on the Blog - Soon!

Summer Reading Giveaway
over at Equestrian Ink (a blog of horsepeople/authors of which I am a member.) Every Saturday for awhile, we'll post a giveaway of one of our books, including one of mine, soon. Here's the link:

Have a great weekend! Find something good to READ! And wish me luck keeping Penny calm and quiet!

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Dreaming said...

Oh, I am laughing. I think Vets give us directives because it amuses THEM to think about clients just trying to keep their dogs/cats/horses/whatever quiet after a procedure. Hah! Impossible!
Good luck!