Monday, July 11, 2011

Social Media - How Much is Too Much?

So - I'm on Twitter (which I Love), Goodreads (which I love), Facebook (which I keep mostly for personal stuff), I Blog (on two different blogs), and now (because it's new and for the cool kids *sigh*) I joined Google+.

Why? Why?? Why???

Yes, you will soon read article after article about how cool Google+ is, how clean, uncluttered (no ads!) and how you can drag people into Circles!!

For me (bah humbug) all the circles are making me dizzy and learning One. More. Thing. is about to tip me over the edge. I just keep wondering how much important stuff do we all have to talk about in all these different mediums without repeating ourselves over and over and over . . .

But the thing that worries me the most is seeing how human beings are changing. Although we now have the means to contact people we don't even know, all over the world, and tell them something Instantly. Right Now. With Pictures!!! we often sit in separate rooms of the house and talk to each other on the computer, or by text, and humans are forgetting how to actually Speak to each other, in person, in a meaningful and useful way.

Don't think so? How many people do you know that will not answer a phone call from someone they don't know? Or they do know? And prefer to receive a text instead?

Technology is a wonderful thing, but I do see it changing us as humans. And on days like this, when I'm feeling overwhelmed about having to learn one more new way to communicate with people (yes, that's you Google+) I just want to personally go up and shake someone's hand, or give them a hug, or look them straight in the eye and say "HI - How's your day going?"

Let's not let too much technology and too much social media take the place of actually, personally communicating with each other.

Excuse me - I'm now going to go tell my husband (in person) how much I love him. And then go OUTSIDE!! and walk the dogs.

Are you on Google+ yet? What do you think?
How much is Too Much Social Media for you?


Sandy Williams said...

I just got on Google+ yesterday. I think it's great, possibly as great as Facebook. The thing is, I don't think it's so much better than FB that I should dedicate the time and energy to build that presence from the ground up. I've already invested a lot into FB and I'm happy with it (despite some annoyances and the stupid privacy issues). And the type of updates I'd put on G+ are the same as the ones I'd put on FB, and it's too tedious to update both, I think.

On the other hand, I LOVE social media. I keep up with people who I'd otherwise never talk to again, and I think it's actually helped my social life. It's easier to organize things w/ social media and I've gotten to know people via cyber space to the point where I'm comfortable with hanging out with them IRL.



Linda Benson said...

I love Social Media, too, Sandy and I've met some great people on there - including you! But I feel like I've reached saturation point. I just don't want to learn one more new platform, look at one more Home Page and Profile. That said, I'll probably stay on for awhile and see how it shakes out. But yeah, at the moment, it just seems like a new kind of facebook.

Lonnie Harms said...

Well here goes.... I think we sort of "Give In to New Age or Technology".... it rules us, it tends to "own" us. Have you been to the airport lately? Every one is walking or sitting with some sort of Smart Phone, I pad, Kindle, Computer, Ear Phones and on and on. I personally find sitting next to someone that isn't offended by my disturbing them when trying to conversation or smiling, laughing etc... it's also sad for me not to see the Newspapers or holding dearly that great textile paperback that turning real pages that are delicious...
Yep..for me, I'll not be joining the rest of society just because it's the thing to do or be or to keep up with it all...
This Computer and just emails and searches and Craigs list, ebay and yes Jewel Quest fill enough of my time to consider it often wasted. I find a good knock on the front door and a howdy.. come on in is so much more fulfilling than TEXT TEXT TEXTING ..... ETC....
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it...
Lonnie Harms