Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birds in the Barn

Summer is such a busy season in the country. There is mowing, watering, and weeding to be done, as well as picking strawberries, raspberries, and soon, vegetables.
And of course there is Birdwatching.

I caught these little Barn Swallows on their very last day in the nest, just before they fledged.

I'd been watching this nest for days. It's on the rafter right above the stall door, and the mama and daddy flew off whenever anyone came near. I wasn't sure they'd be successful raising their babies, and I hardly heard a peep above me. So imagine my surprise when I looked up one day and noticed these little ones, already crowding the nest.

Usually the fledglings fly around in the rafters for a few days, testing their wings and getting a good handle on the whole flying process. But not these guys . . .

The very next morning they were all over the sky! Mom, Dad, and not three, but four babies! Soaring, darting, swooping through the air - a multitude of scissor-tailed Barn Swallows!

Good luck little ones! Have a Happy Life!

Have you ever watched baby birds learning to fly?

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Dreaming said...

We tried to discourage the swallows but found one stubborn mama and papa's nest under the porch of our barn. The young, like yours, were very quiet and wouldn't even move when we were watching. Like yours, I bet ours fledge any day. It is so much fun to watch those beginning flights!