Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reading like a Maniac

Yes, folks, I've been reading like a maniac. Ever since I joined the Goodreads 2011 challenge, that is. If you remember from this post, I challenged myself to read 111 books in 2011. You can follow my progress on the chart at the bottom of my sidebar (on right) or by going to my Goodreads profile right here.

At the moment, I've read 53 books so far this year, and that will be 54 by this afternoon. Goodreads even leaves little comments on my chart. Right now it says: Awesome work, you're 20 books (17%) ahead of schedule!

Hey, who doesn't need little incentives to work harder? Besides, after our long dreary winter, it's been one of the coldest springs on record, so reading in front of a sunny picture window sounds better than braving the elements outside.

Plus, our wonderful library system lets me order books online, check them out and return them at our nifty drive-up window, and my stack of books to read usually stands at about 10-15.

Do you belong to Goodreads? (Feel free to friend me on there.)
Has the ability to track your reading progress made you read more?

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Dreaming said...

That sounds like something I would have done years ago... now, I'm lucky if I can get a paragraph read before I fall asleep! Then, of course, the next night, I have to read that paragraph again because I can't remember what I read previously!
That would have been a neat program when I was teaching reading. Some kids (myself included) respond well to a challenge like that. I like that it is all tracked on the site. When I see things like this, it gets me excited about teaching!

Congrats on being ahead of schedule!