Monday, August 22, 2011

Old Dog, New Dog

You may remember earlier this summer we added a new black pup to our collection of animals. Part border collie/australian shepherd/or lab, Penny's heritage is anybody's guess. Her energy level is off-the-charts, and we are still working on a few things in the behavior department, but so far she knows how to sit, stay, come and she is learning heel and down. She is turning into a good dog, a great walking partner, and mostly a good companion for our older dog, Homer, who seemed a little depressed and lonely in his golden years.

But not anymore. Now he has someone to wrestle with -

Tussle with -

play tug-of-war with -

play "my stick, my stick" with -

play tug-of-war even MORE fiercely

And just generally hang out with.

Homer looks happy with his new buddy, don't you think?

Have you successfully added another young (or new) dog to your menagerie?
How has is worked out for you?


Dreaming said...

It is so much fun to see an older dog reenergized by a younger 'sibling'. For many years we had dogs on either end of the age spectrum and the introduction of the new guy always brought new life to the waning life.

Linda Benson said...

Yes, Homer does seem reenergized, and watching him romp around with the young dog make my heart smile. He's getting a lot more exercise too (as am I) as he goes along for daily walks, while we try to wear the new dog out. *sigh*