Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cone of Shame

You met our wonderful dog, Homer, in a recent post right here. A big yellow lab with a heart of gold that we rescued from a shelter.

Recently, Homer had a huge benign tumor removed, which required lots of stitches and a two week recovery period. After the anesthesia wore off, he came home from the veterinarian wearing the dreaded Cone of Shame.

This is a plastic cone to keep him from bothering his fresh incision and possibly ripping out his stitches. You can see how thrilled he is about it:

I felt plenty sorry for him, but understood why he needed to wear it. Shortly thereafter, one of my friends posted on facebook (Thank you, Tammy) about a soft cone that did the same thing. Calling around to several pet stores, I found one!

Homer still wasn't too excited about wearing it, but at least it's a bit more comfortable.

Especially when he lays his little head down to sleep.

The brand that we found is called The Comfy Cone, and I think you can purchase them online, also. If your pet ever needs to go through an ordeal like this, I thought you might like to know about this option.

Homer got his stitches out two days ago, and he's feeling like a young pup again, thank you.

Has your pet ever worn the Cone of Shame?

Did you know about this softer option?


Francesca Prescott said...

That is such a good idea; I wish I'd known about it a couple of months ago, when one of my dogs had surgery. I felt so sorry for him having to wear the cone, especially the first day when he was still a little woozy and out of it. I've never seen the soft ones around here; where did you find it?

Why aren't these provided by vets? My dog actually got a giant scab on his neck from where the cone rubbed the skin away. Poor guy!

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

Awww, poor Homer. I'm glad he's feeling better. One of my cats had to wear the dreaded cone of shame a few years back. He got out of it, somehow, more than once. What a nightmare! It's nice to read that there are softer alternatives now.

Unknown said...

Awww, poor thing! I mean, just look at his face! :(
Anyway, I'm glad he has a very nice mommy! :D