Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Winter's Morn

The thing about dogs is that they're always happy to go . . .even if it's just to the barn to feed on a thirty degree foggy morning.
Did I hear the barn doors open?

These ears don't miss a thing, and I got here first, hee hee hee.

Wait. . . wait. . . don't give her all the grain.

I'm coming. I'm coming . . .
I'm Here! Is that my grain pan you are rattling?

Catch any mice last night? Lucy get off the hay, please.
Are we done yet? Is it my turn now? Finally . . .


Vonna said...


Monica said...

Awww, I always love to see your animals, Linda. So sweet!

Susan said...

Dogs are always up for going. Ours eagerly load up in the pickup, even when we tell them they'll just have to sit there for possibly hours.

I read your The Writing Process... Since I'm new to writing I enjoy hearing how the real pros do it. So far, it seems I'm doing it mostly right. I keep a spiral notebook next to the computer for jotting down notes. It gets pretty messy, and I would dare anyone to figure it out, but it works for me.

Danni said...

All those anxious faces. :-) I love having each day start like this!
Though I will like it even more when it isn't foggy OR thirty degrees any more! LOL