Monday, June 25, 2012

Mr. Chocolate Sheds His Dreads

Donkeys shed out much later than horses. At least here in the Northwest they do, where it can sometimes be rainy and cold clear through June. Horses, on the other hand, shed their long winter coats in April or May, at the first hint of warm weather, and soon become slick and shiny.

But donkeys, creatures that evolved in the deserts of Africa, keep their long coats for what seems like forever. And when they do shed out, it comes out in patches. They look totally unkempt, like mangy buffalo, until the long hair all finally comes out by about July.

This is my handsome boy Mr. Chocolate. In the winter, he is one hairy donkey, and we affectionally call him Mr. Dreadlocks. His face is partially shed out in this picture (the darker color) and he's starting to look better. That light colored hair at the top? Those are hairs growing from his ears!

This is my other little donkey. We call him Mr. Big. He is not as hairy as Mr. Chocolate, but see how raggedy he looks as he sheds out? I have owned lots and lots of donkeys over the years, and every one of them goes through this mothball look while they're shedding out.

I can't wait for July! We should (hopefully) finally get some warmer weather then, and my donkeys will look slick and shiny again. I'll try to post some more pictures, so you can see what handsome boys they really are. LOL

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Patricia said...

Man, Linda, I had no idea there was such a difference between horses and donkeys and the way they shed. One year Maximus actually turned bay color, but only one year. I never figured that one out.