Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Release Day!

It's out. It's out. It's finally available!
Six Degrees of Lost is now available from Musa Publishing, and I'm very excited. (Can you tell?)

This is a young adult novel that I've worked on for a very long time. It's particularly dear to my heart, because the setting is similar to the rural area where I live in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the story lines (involving helping lost animals get home) was inspired by some dear friends and fellow animal lovers.

But aside from that, it's a story about Olive and David, and how a friendship develops and blossoms into young love. Oh, and then there's the raft trip, and boys behaving badly, and two horses named Shakespeare and Paintball, and also the peacock, and, well I won't give everything away. There are dogs and cats, too. And puppies. Okay, you just have to read it now, don't you?

It's available three places right now:
From the publisher, Musa Publishing:

at Amazon:

and from Barnes & Noble:

It will soon be available at most other online booksellers, including Kobo, Diesel, Ominilit, iTunes, and many others. I'll add those links to the right sidebar as they become live. But for now, all formats of the eBook are available on the Musa Publishing website.

Like to read paper? Stay tuned. We might just have a contest soon to win your choice of paper or eBook of this exciting new novel.

But I hope you get it NOW. Read it and tell me what you think. That's all. I'll quit jumping up and down with excitement now. Time to go Celebrate!!


Eleni Konstantine said...

Go you! Congrats.

Sharon Ledwith said...

Tweeted for ya! Congrats on your new creation! Setting up your interview for June 4th! All systems are go! Cheers!

Shannon Hitchcock ~ Children's Writer said...

Congratulations on your book! I'll download a copy to my Kindle. It sounds great.

Linda Benson said...

Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy reading it. Let me know!

Linda Benson said...

It's available on the Barnes & Noble site now, too! I just added the link. ;-)