Thursday, June 14, 2012

May The Forest Be With You

For my mom's recent birthday, I got her a sweatshirt with this saying written on it:

Cool, huh? She loves the forest as much as I do.

I'm lucky enough to have a large chunk of forest directly behind our property, and I try and walk there almost daily. Sometimes long walks for exercise - sometimes short walks for serenity.

I go there to clear my head, and find peace. As a writer, I spend a lot of time on the computer, either writing, networking, or promoting. When it all gets a bit stressful, I go outside. Into the woods. And it heals me.

When I was younger, I rode horses almost everywhere. Now, I mostly walk. But it still has the same effect. Because I'm in the woods so often, I know when the salmonberry blooms, and when it ripens. I know where the wild honeysuckle grows, and the shy trillium unfolds its lovely bloom. Where the red huckleberry grows from the stump of an old cedar tree, and when the Swainson's Thrush arrive from the south, calling what? what? through the trees, before they begin their lovely flute-like melody that soothes my heart and makes me shiver with joy.

Do you have a place that brings you peace? Where do you go when you need to escape?


Cheryl Ann said...

I have that T-shirt, too, and I LOVE IT! I believe I bought it up by Lake Tahoe. I like to stop by the national park visitor centers and buy a T-shirt when I visit each park. I find peace and quiet up in the mountains or desert when I'm out hiking alone. We are heading up to the Sierra Nevada as soon as soon is over! I can't WAIT!

Linda Benson said...

Isn't that a great saying, Cheryl Ann? I love the mountains too. I just love the quiet of being out in the open, away from traffic and people. Enjoy the Sierras!

Carol N Wong said...

I love the ocean with the waves coming in on the beach. We live too far away now and I miss the refreshing feeling that I get from going to the beach.

Patricia said...

Oh, wow, Linda, that picture of the forest is SO inviting. I wish I had that in my back yard. Cool.
I like the ocean though in the last several years I've realized I couldn't live ON the ocean because it's too noisy. The forest and silence are more enjoyable.

Linda Benson said...

Carol and Patti - I also love the ocean. Walking in the sand, hearing the waves crash and return, over and over again, brings a rhythm to the soul. And it's just so. . . vast, you know? It always makes me feel like my little problems are rather unimportant in the greater scheme of things. And that brings a sense of serenity right there. Yep.

Shannon Hitchcock ~ Children's Writer said...

The Blue Ridge Mountains. Looking at those rolling blue hills brings me deep sense of serenity.

Linda Benson said...

Almost Heaven, West Virginia - Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River. I've never been there, Shannon, but they sound lovely in the song, and I bet those mountains are even better in person. Thanks for sharing.