Saturday, December 10, 2011

Styling in the Barn

I bought myself an early Christmas present yesterday.

Something I needed badly - and it couldn't wait.

You see, I had holes in my barn boots, which I wear every morning and evening to do chores.

I had already patched them once, with duct tape, and now the other boot was leaking.

So I went into town, fully expecting to buy a new pair of the same old lace-up mud boots that I always wear, but they didn't carry them!

And so, after trying on every pair of galoshes in the supply store, I came home with these:

Stop Laughing!

It's what all the cool Farm Girls are wearing around here! (And I'm sure they'll look fine once I get some mud on them.)

Hey - sometimes you just need a little style in the barnyard! Okay?


Kendra Gale said...

I'm not laughing, those are awesome! Mine are olive green and clunky ... but they are warm!

Anonymous said...

I like the duct tape on the old barn boots but the new ones are pretty spiffy!

Kerry said...

I have polka dot ones!!!! Love your new barn boots :)

Linda Benson said...

Thanks, guys. Kendra, I've usually gone for clunky and practical before, as you can see. LOL

And Anonymous, the duct tape worked! (for awhile)

Kerry - polka dot - those sound special!

Yes, I guess it was just time to update my style. Sometimes change is good, don't ya think?

Patricia said...

I'm NOT laughing. I wish I had a pair.

wilsonc said...

I love them!!! My next pair of mud boots are going to be flashy like that.

Ellen's Poetry said...

I thought it would be the frog or ladybug boots!

Dreaming said...

I love the boots! Hey, it's a great way to wake up as you head to the barn!
I had some polka dot boots, but they cracked in the cold weather and leaked - so they were replaced with basic black boots. Bleeech!

Linda Benson said...

After wearing these for a few days, I love them. They're great in our wet, muddy pastures, and even hiking on the soggy trails out back. And this brand is narrow enough for my feet, so they fit well. Yep, these psychedelic boots are growing on me. ;-)