Thursday, December 29, 2011

So Many Ways to Read

Like many of you this year - I received an eReader for Christmas. I got the Nook Color.

I love it, and although I'm a tad technologically challenged, I am slowly learning all the features and fun things it can do. Plus, since THE GIRL WHO REMEMBERED HORSES was published as an eBook this year, I get to read it (finally) on an actual eReader.

I love the fact that you can get samples of books on the eReader, which allows you to see if you like it and want to read on.

I still love paper books though, and have plenty checked out from my library. Now, though, I can also borrow eBooks from my library, right off my Nook. How cool is that?

I think that eReaders (as popular as they are becoming) will never completely replace paper books, but only augment our reading experience. Not only can I get magazines and newspapers on my Nook, but many short novels and novellas that I might not have had access to otherwise. I love short fiction, and will probably read more of it now. And I can't wait to load my Nook up with several good novels to read for the next time I travel.

As you know, I'm a huge reader. I read a ton of books in 2011.

Well, to be more precise, I've read exactly 127 books this year, according to my Goodreads Challenge, but I still have a couple of days left, so that number may rise.

But as an avid reader I'm excited about all the new ways we can now find great material to read.

And as a writer, I'm plenty excited about all the new ways we now have to reach our readers.

Besides THE GIRL WHO REMEMBERED HORSES, I'll have two more new eBooks coming out next year, both from Musa Publishing. I'll have details about those soon.

But for now, what to read? What to read? Something from the pile of books I got for Christmas? Or from the pile of books I checked out from the library? Or to the great books waiting to be discovered on my Nook? Choices, choices, choices!

Were you one of the many who received an eReader this Christmas?

What kind did you get?


Dreaming said...

My hubby and I splurged and bought a Kindle last Christmas. I love it! But, we now have iPhones and an iPad... and they do the same thing.
I love (and hate) that 'buying' an eBook is so darn easy!

Linda Benson said...

Ha! Yes, Dreaming, finding books to read has never been so easy or so instantaneous! That's one of the beauties of eBooks. It looks like an interesting read? It's yours.

But since reading opens minds and increases literacy, I think anything that brings books into the hands of more readers is a worthwhile device. Although I'm still not sure about reading on the small screen of an iPhone - but I guess people are doing it, huh?

Patricia said...

Hi Linda! I got a Nook and I downloaded the books I had languishing on my MacBook onto the Nook and now have the opportunity to read them wherever I may be. We'll see how I like it because I am a hardback book lover....

Linda Benson said...

Patti - I'm a paper book person, too, but I'm getting used to my Nook, or dare I say, it's a little addicting?

I bought a screen protector, and also a cover for it. I love this, because when you pick it up and fold the cover back, it's much more like the feel of opening an actual book, and you don't feel hard plastic in your hand. Last night I finished two books on my eReader, then read a paper book for awhile after that. And it was great!!