Monday, December 13, 2010

Writing Christmas Cards

It's one of those chores I end up putting off until I tell myself I better do it, or they're not going to get there in time for Christmas. But in this era of electronic communications, social media, facebook, twitter, blogging, texting, and everyone staying constantly connected (not to mention 44 cents every time you slap a stamp on one) why do we even bother with Christmas cards anymore?

So I thought of the reasons I still send cards. And here's what I came up with:

1) I have some friends and family members who are older, and don't use computers/facebook/social media and with whom I like to stay in touch.

2) It's really nice to get something in the mail these days besides a catalogue, or junk mail, or a bill. An actual greeting, with maybe a scribbled note and a signature (especially if it says "love") is pretty darned nice to find in your mailbox.

3) I do like to pick out a special card for each person. Cat cards for my cat-loving friends, horse cards for my equine loving friends, and so on. Eventually, though, I just want to get through my list, and without being too particular, will grab a card, scribble a message, and send it. But that little note you write, even if it's just "hope you have a great holiday" is still much more personal than a facebook status, or a 140 character tweet, don't you think?

4) Sending and receiving Christmas cards is a tradition. Something I've done all my life, ever since I was old enough to write an address to someone far away. And just like playing Christmas carols on the piano every year, and opening up the same old box of ornaments and hanging them on the tree, I love traditions.

I might not send as many cards as I once did. And I hope you get one from me this year. If you don't - please know I wish you a Merry Christmas anyway!

So tell me - Do you still write Christmas Cards? Why or Why Not?


Dreaming said...

How ironic to read your post, after spending several hours helping my dad do his cards this afternoon! I have to agree that I like getting cards, and now I feel guilty that I hadn't planned to send any. Perhaps I'll have to rectify that! I love the idea of selecting special cards for each person. That makes them mean even more. I like 'interactive' cards. A few years ago I sent a card with a tree and stickers that you could use for decorations. Another year the card was a punch-out creche, with all of the characters. Yeah, I guess I'm still a kid at heart!

Laura Marcella said...

Yuppers! I sent 50 this year (I have a huge family!). I always helped my mom write them (I still do, in addition to my own!), and when I married and moved out, I made sure my husband and I sent them. Getting snail mail is one of those little joys in the day, so I love sending a bit of cheer to my family and friends! I always send birthday and anniversary cards by snail mail, too.

I just love doing Christmasy activities!

Susan said...

We usually send out a few cards every year. I like to put in photos (how many people still have printed photos?), but I have to admit it's becoming more of a chore.

Linda Benson said...

Dreaming and Laura - good for you for keeping the tradition alive. Sounds like you really have the holiday spirit.

And Susan - I know, people used to send print pictures, and that, too is not happening so much anymore (which is really a shame.) So many grandmothers have photos tacked on their refrigerator doors. We need to keep sending photos, too!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Now, back to writing those cards . . . .

Dreaming said...

Linda, I received the book yesterday and I am so thrilled. What a pleasant surprise to see the personalized author's note.