Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Friend to Animals

I was going to write a post about our adorable kitten Fred, sometimes known as Fred the Bad Kitten, or Fred the Sweet Kitten, or Fred Get Out of the Sack of Ribbons, or Fred Get Away from the Christmas Tree Before You Knock it Over, and other such nick-names. We got our wonderful kitten Fred from the animal shelter about three months ago - and he has filled our home with love and laughter (mostly.)

But on the way home from town, with my last minute shopping accomplished, I thought of all the other animals up the shelter, and I swung into the grocery story one last time and bought a sack of cat food. I drove by the animal shelter to drop it off, and while I was there, I stroked the fur of a few lonely cats starved for attention.

Then I put a leash on a black lab, took it outside for a walk in the grey December chill, let it run free in the outside pen for a bit, gave it lots of love, and afterwards shut it away inside its concrete kennel.

I wanted to do so much more. I really don't want to spoil your Christmas by announcing the percentage of these animals who will never make it out of the shelters. But it's high.

But what if we all cared a little more? Made a donation to the Animal Shelter? Bought a sack of pet food and dropped it off at the nearest shelter, either before or after Christmas. Took one half hour of your day occasionally to walk a dog or pet a cooped-up cat. Spread the word to your friend or neighbor about the importance of getting their dog or their cat spayed/neutered.

Or maybe go down to that shelter and see if there isn't one of those animals that wants to come home with you this Christmas? Or for the New Year?

Be a Friend to Animals!

Fred, and his friends still left at the shelter, say

"Thank You Very Much!"


Susan said...

I hate to say it, but I can't even go in animal shelters. The sad part is that these animals are receiving better care than some, and there are happy endings. The shelter closest to where we live doesn't euthanize. A friend dropped a dog off that she just couldn't have. They called her up and told her when they found the dog a good home.

I received the book you sent. Merry Christmas. Susan

Linda Benson said...

Thanks, Susan. I used to be like you, also. It was too heartbreaking to go into the shelters. But over the course of my lifetime, I've adopted numerous dogs and cats from different shelters, and they've always turned out great. Those animals really appreciate a good home! There are some success stories, and we need to make more. Merry Christmas!!