Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dear Blog

Gah! I haven't seen you for so long! Like, Last Year!

What have I been doing, Dear Blog? Well, let me catch you up . . .

First, there were "The Holidays." Which somehow seem to morph into taking up all of one's time.

And in the middle of these festivities (actually as I was getting ready for a holiday party) I, ahem, broke a tooth! Which segued into several trips to the dentist, a root canal which is still bothering me, much tooth pain, and learning more about the numbers for teeth (bad #12 tooth!) than I really want to know. *sigh*

I want a smile like this.

But then, I was surprised by Santa at Christmas with a new iPad! Egads! Woo Hoo!

An Apple product, which I knew nothing about, but which everyone assured me was a "piece of cake." But where was the Help Menu? So (thank God for libraries) I immediately checked out some books from our local library on how to work an iPad. (Which some people told me was the epitome of "Old School.") But there you have it.

Very soon, I was downloading things, (like the Kindle App, so now I can read everyone's Kindle book) and I was playing online, and oh yes, learning to take videos!

Of ducks.
And chickens.
Yes, I know this isn't a video. (If it was, it would be too cute for words.) But I am learning, and hopefully soon will post cute animal videos, so that you, too, will get nothing done. Ha, ha!

Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone. I am writing, and hopefully soon will publish another (not yet titled) cat story. I am enjoying writing some shorter fiction, and plan to make these a series, but with different characters (and cats.)

And I promise you, Dear Blog, I will be a more regular contributor this year. Just as soon as I . . . oh wait, the chickens are taking a dust bath in the flower bed. Must get that on video. Where is my iPad???


Patricia said...

I didn't know you could take videos from your iPad though my husband has one!
I look forward to duck videos or ANY animal videos. Love 'em.

Linda Benson said...

Oh, thanks Patti. Now I just have learn how to send a video to my blog - LOL. IPads, it seems, do lots of things that people aren't aware of, or don't take the time to learn. I'll get there!