Sunday, January 6, 2013

Writing as Therapy

A young dog that I loved very much was killed in the road out front, shortly before Christmas. I assume she was hit by a car, because I found her in the ditch. I've been having a really difficult time dealing with this event. I sobbed my eyes out, we buried her, and the next day was the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Now there is something that is REALLY sad. And indeed, it truly was.

And soon it was Christmas, with company coming and presents to wrap. Not to mention we are in the middle of a possible sale of our house, and buying another. All of this wrapped into a big package called Busy, Busy, Busy and no time to grieve poor Jessie.

So I find myself in a new year, 2013, swiping tears from my eyes at odd moments, and sobbing my eyes out in the dark of night. And I realized I need to write about this dog, who gave me so much joy and pleasure, and whom I loved deeply and fully.

So I've been writing. Trying to document every moment that I lived with this goofy, fun-loving, affectionate dog. Will I publish it? Will it become part of another novel someday? Who knows?

But at this point, writing is helping me find my way through my grief over the loss of my Jessie. Do we have another dog? You betcha. We have a ten-year-old lab mix, who is the Best Dog in the World. We are bringing him in the house and treating him like gold now, because he is.

But writing about Jessie is helping me not only deal with my sadness over her loss, but I feel like it's honoring her memory.

Have any of you found that writing is a way to deal with pain or grief? Let me know.

Oh, and Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to big changes in 2013, and wishing the best for everyone.

Hug your dog for me. And your kids.


Laura Marcella said...

I'm so sorry for your loss :( Jessie was a beautiful dog! Wishing you peace and comfort as you write about your furry friend.

Linda Benson said...

Thank you, Laura. Much appreciated.

Laura Crum said...

I have been there, and I agree, writing about them is honoring them. Almost all of my beloved animals appear in my mystery series--writing about them gave me joy and reminds me of each unique little spirit. I'm so sorry you lost Jessie, and I hope your writing about her brings some peace.

Linda Benson said...

Thank you, Laura. It does seem to honor them somehow, to write about them. I'm hoping that remembering this dog's joy in living on the page will keep her goofy spirit alive in my heart. It's nice to know that others understand, and I know that you do. :-)

Eleni Konstantine said...

It's so hard to lose our fur babies that we love. I think writing about them does honour them. And helps us in our grief as well. So sorry for your loss

Patricia said...

Oh my god, Linda, I don't know what to say. I've lost three dogs but it was due to aging and health problems and so we had to put them to sleep. But I've never had to deal with a doggie that got hit and killed. My heart goes out to you. I remember lying in bed, sobbing, over my first dog's death so I can relate. And at the time I had no internet relationships going on. Now I do. And I would use the experience in my next book. In the meantime, know that you have friends here that are feeling your grief and I'll be thinking good thoughts for you. What a gorgeous picture of Jessie. Ah...

Linda Benson said...

Thank you, Eleni and Patti. It's amazing how animals can touch us so, isn't it? I guess it's their undivided love, that is given so freely. A rare thing, in this world.