Tuesday, March 13, 2012

To Catch a Cat

We have a long-haired black cat wandering around our place and occasionally peeking in the windows. When I open the door, she is gone like a flash. Is she wild, or did someone dump her? She looks sort of like this one:

I'm assuming it's a "she" because she looks a bit feminine, and lately she looks a bit pregnant. She is probably eating in the barn, because I leave food there for our spayed barn cat, Lucy. But if this black cat is pregnant, I don't want more wild barn cats running around. Not only do we have a big coyote problem (and sad to say, they eat cats) but I think cats should be spayed or neutered, so they don't contribute even more to the population of hungry, homeless cats.

So I borrowed a live trap, to try and catch "Blackie" and see if she is tame, or wild, or pregnant, and then figure out what to do at that point. (Raise and tame the kittens, get her spayed, something.)

Here is the trap:

You basically put food inside it, set the trap with the end wide open (it's in the closed position right now) and when the cat steps on the trigger, it closes and catches them. I've even used a blanket on the floor and a drape over the top so it appears more inviting.

But even though I've seen the black cat several times lately, do you think I can catch her? No.

All I keep catching in the trap is:

Lucy - our 8 1/2 year old barn cat - who is already spayed. And fat and sassy.

But we bring Lucy in for snuggles and loves each time, anyway.

Bet you didn't know I was such a Cat Lady, did you? Wish me luck, I am setting the trap again tonight. This time I'm adding a sign: "Black Cats Only."


Laura Marcella said...

Awww! Lucy is so cute.

I hope you can catch the stray black cat and help her out. Good luck!!

Cheryl Ann said...

Awww....Lucy is ADORABLE! Give her a kiss from me, okay? I hope you do catch the black cat. Yes, coyotes are a problem here, too, with cats. We have a 6 foot wooden fence around the front of the house and my two males are too fat and lazy to go outside of it!

Linda Benson said...

Laura and Cheryl Ann - thanks for commenting. No luck yet on catching the black cat! I hope she isn't out back having her babies in one of our sheds, but who knows. I'll keep trying.