Friday, January 27, 2012

The Leaning Tree

There's a Douglas Fir tree in our pasture that amazes me. While we've lost other trees in severe windstorms (see my post right here) - this tree, although leaning at an awkward angle, still stands. In fact, if you look closely at the top, it's growing towards the light, trying to right itself.

I think about this tree a lot, how much it has withstood - how many storms it has lived through, how much snow and wind and rain and sleet it's been battered with (we had a foot and a half of snow here last week.) How many birds have built nests and raised families in its shelter? How much shade has it provided for cows, horses, and donkeys that stand underneath it on hot days? How many squirrels and cats have run up its crooked branches? Yet still it stands.

When you're going through bad times, whether it be rejections, or divorce, or death, or just everyday annoyances, think about the old Leaning Tree.

Even if you're tired or leaning or feel like you're growing crooked some days, hang in there, and keep Growing Towards the Light.


June Kramin said...

Cute post. We have a lot of trees that look like this after our storm. Some are totally uprooted but still going. Nice way to look at it. :)

Linda Benson said...

Nature is amazing, isn't it? How life always wants to go on, how even the tiniest blade of grass pushes up through cracks in concrete, how much living things want to actually LIVE - always gives me hope.

Patricia said...

Great analogy, Linda. I'll try to think of the Leaning Tree when I'm feeling battered, and head toward the light even though I may be growing a bit crooked.