Friday, September 2, 2011

Laptop Desk, the Coolest Thing since Sliced Bread

Okay, writers - and all you other people who spend hours a day working and/or playing on your computer - I know your back hurts! Why? Because you sit in a chair all day. Or if not in a chair, you sit on a couch, or a bed, all hunched over with your computer in your lap.

Go on. Admit it. You know it's true! And your back hurts, right?

I know that mine does. I do stretches and use an ice pack to keep the pain away, but since I spend long hours in front of the computer, the back pain seems like it's always there.

I kept thinking and dreaming and imagining some little desk where I could sit upright, in my comfiest chair, and still work on my lap top. I searched online and found such a thing, but it was a little spendy for my budget. But I kept dreaming - could a person rig up such a device?

Imagine my delight when my husband walked in one day (yes he's a keeper, girls) with this one and promptly put it together for me. He found it at a Fred Meyer store (they have numerous locations in the Northwest) for a measly (sale price) of $29.95. Best Thirty Dollars ever spent.

Now I can move this desk to whatever chair or couch I want (it comes with wheels also,) adjust the height, adjust the pillows behind me and sit upright while still being comfy and in a better position for my back.

Just wanted to share my find.

I hope you can find one like it near you!


Lora R. Rivera said...

Yay! Your husband *is* a dear, isn't he? Looks super comfy.

My hubby buys me weird electronic gadgets and gets all excited trying to explain how they work and how they'll be useful. To be honest, they *do* pay off, but the learning curve is sometimes pretty steep ;)

Thanks for remembering to share!!! <333 Lora

Linda Benson said...

LOL That's funny. I'm not much good with electronic stuff either, although I finally did learn how to use my iPod - sort of. *grin*

Ellen's Poetry said...


Dreaming said...

Way cool! (As I type, hunched over with my back aching!)

Lynne Kelly said...

Love that! I'm often writing from the couch too, but a desk makes me feel more productive.