Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And Suddenly It's Fall . . .

Summer was brief here in the Pacific Northwest. We had rain and gloom through July, a few nice days in August, then just as the kids went back to school in September, we finally put together a string of lovely warm days in the high 80's.

But now I look outside and realize that Fall has arrived. Days are still pleasant but cloudy, the trees are turning color, and it won't be long before the cold rainy season is upon us.                                                    But somehow I don't mind.

I've got lots of new writing projects in front of me, and I'm eager to dive in.

I'm working on edits for my brand new YA novel  THE GIRL WHO REMEMBERED HORSES coming out in November 2011 (in less than 2 months) from Musa Publishing in their brand new Young Adult imprint called Euterpe. I can hardly wait to see cover art, which I will share with you as soon as I can!

I'm polishing up two more manuscripts and getting them ready for submission.

And in between all this, I'm working on my newest YA novel in verse. And when I say working, I mean I am several thousand words into it, my mind is churning, and my character is frantically telling me her story while I make notes so she doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

So you can see why I'm almost looking forward to the rainy season. Time to stay inside and WRITE!

Which season is your favorite?
Are you sad to see Summer go?


Derek said...

For me, Spring is the season of vitality and potential. I used to be slightly mournful when the bluebells faded, but now I look for the treasures in every season. Even winter has its own savage, unadorned beauty.

Linda Benson said...

So eloquently said, Derek. Living in the north has made me appreciate every season, and embrace the changes. (With that said, though, ask me again in February if it has rained for 30 days and 30 nights.) *grin*

Laura Marcella said...

Summer is my favorite, so I am sad to see it go. I'm going to enjoy this last week of summer as much as I can!

I do like all the seasons, though, so I'll be happy when autumn arrives. Orange is my favorite color, and it's splashed everywhere in autumn! Love it. :)

Dreaming said...

After having lived in coastal SC for over a quarter century, I'm enjoying real seasonal changes; not slight, perhaps imagined, changes. I love summer and being outdoors, so I'll miss that, but I do look forward to crisp days and then to a few snow storms. Spring will come again, and we'll start it all over.
Happy writing!