Monday, November 29, 2010

Taking the Reins

Okay, remember I promised you more Giveaways? Here, just in time for Christmas giving, is Alison Hart's adorable new book, TAKING THE REINS, perfect for that young horse lover on your list. And you can win it!!

Here's the description straight from the horse's mouth - actually direct from Alison's website:

Alison Hart’s latest book is Taking the Reins, an interactive story from American Girls where readers can select their own endings and imagine themselves as the main character, who rides horses at the Innerstar University™ stable. When she's invited to ride a spirited Quarter Horse in the next event, she has some tough choices to make. Will she find her confidence and climb on? With more than 20 different endings, readers can enjoy this book again and again, making different decisions to change the story. Plus, each book comes with a secret access code to unlock additional endings online!

American Girl: 120 pages
Ages 8 and up

Sounds pretty cool, huh? All you have to do be entered for a chance to win is:

Leave a comment below.

Followers of this blog (new and existing) get a second chance to win.

And repost or retweet this contest and get one more chance to win! (Let us know.)

Contest is open until December 12th, 2010 and book will be sent to U.S. addresses only to winner selected in random drawing.

And don't forget! Giveaway of Ginny Rorby's book HURT GO HAPPY, is still open until December 5th. Click here for details.

Good luck, everyone!


Susan said...

It sounds like something that happened to me as a teen. For some forgotten reason I got to ride an extremely athletic horse that I had never been on in the next event, a jumping class. I made it through, but wonder to this day what my instructor was thinking.

Linda Benson said...

Ha! Very cool that you had an experience like that, too, Susan. And so far, you're the only one that's entered to win this book! Everyone else must be out Christmas shopping. You might be the lucky one!

Linda Benson said...

Congratulations to Susan - winner of TAKING THE REINS! Susan - your book is on the way. Thanks so much!