Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting in the Holiday Mood

Around our neck of the woods. What? Too early for Christmas you say?

Here's a scene I passed on my way into town today.

Christmas trees. Cut and Baled and being loaded into a truck.

The day before, they were lifted out of the field and onto a staging area by helicopter, in a scene similar to the one below.

The Pacific Northwest is prime growing area for Christmas trees, and most of them are shipped out of the area.

Perhaps your tree is in the stack below. You never know. . .

Merry Christmas, Everyone! (a little early)

Time to get in the Holiday Mood!


Laura Marcella said...

Absolutely! I love this time of year! Yesterday I got out my Christmas books and DVDs. It's nice to have a little holiday cheer before Thanksgiving! :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Bah Humbug! :-)
I refuse to even remotely consider the thought of Christmas trees (or the holiday) until December 1st.
But at 9:00am on December 1st, Herb Alpert's Christmas cd gets played at full volume and I allow the festive mood to begin to enter the house. :-)

Linda Benson said...

Laura and Farmgirl - I'm definitely in the "after Thankgiving" category as far as getting in the Christmas mood. I'm still working on getting my collection of Turkey salt and pepper shakers out.

But I do find it interesting how early they start cutting Christmas trees, although I know they're often held in refrigerator trucks to keep them fresh. I hope. ;-)