Monday, March 29, 2010

Writing for Cake and Children's Hearts

There's a certain critique group I've been trying to break into for some time. These are women after my own heart - children's writers, animal lovers, and CAKE lovers. They even named their group Will Write for Cake, and they reward good news from their members with special cakes for the occasion. But seriously, who wouldn't write for cake?

If someone put a slice of rich chocolate cake in my kitchen, and told me I'd have to write 1000 intelligent words on my manuscript before I could have one bite, I'd be right (or write) on it.

Unfortunately this talented group of women, two of whom, Lynne Kelly Hoenig and Monica Vavra, are my agent sisters, all live in Texas, and I live in the Pacific Northwest. A bit too far to make the critique group meetings.

You should seriously check out their new blog, though. Besides showing how to rock a snuggie, their post called Holding Human Hearts, describes more eloquently than I ever could why I do what I do. If you write for children, or have ever tried, or attempted to write for kids, you should read this post. You will never feel like it's a silly or pointless endeavor again.

Anyway, it's probably a good thing I'm not a member of this group. If I was, I'd probably have to wear a grazing muzzle, just like my donkey Josie. Maybe they could just make me an honorary West Coast member?


Linda Benson said...

And I forgot to mention that the lovely post I linked to, called Holding Human Hearts, was written by M. G. King.

Her words really touched me.

Shelby Bach said...

Linda, I just started reading their blog too! You're totally right! Their posts are fantastic. :-D

Monica said...

Honorary membership??? Heck yes!! You can be our Pacific Northwest chapter! Start checking the mailbox for cake. :)

And Miriam's post--wow, huh? Truly lovely. I've read it multiple times and never ceased to get teary-eyed.

Linda Benson said...

Yes. Yes! I whole-heart-edly accept. Wow - Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Cake Group. What an honor! I'm raising a forkful of German Chocolate to y'all as we speak ;-)

Lynne Kelly Hoenig said...

Linda, I can't believe I missed this post till now! Thanks so much for posting the links to the blog; glad you've enjoyed our posts!

And enjoy some cake!