Thursday, March 4, 2010


~I have lots of things to smile about this week~

For starters, I got my taxes done!!! All week I've had boxes of receipts and yellow legal pads filled with columns of figures spread out all over the kitchen table. Playing with numbers is not my most favorite thing (not nearly as fun as playing with words) but I finally got everything semi-organized, and I'm taking the whole kit and kaboodle to the accountant tomorrow morning. Whew (wipes brow with back of hand.)

Second, Jake the Bachelor finally decided that Vienna! was the love of his life, so I don't have to block out two hours of my Monday nights any more for that ridiculous distraction. At least not until the next Dancing with the Stars begins, and then I get to watch Jake attempt the Paso Doble, along with Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek. (Can't miss that match-up!)

Third, for the moment, at least, I can narrow my reality show addiction down to American Idol, which currently takes up three nights of the week. (And no, we don't have DVR.) My early prediction for dark horse winner (remember - you heard it here first): Lee Dewyze.

Fourth, in the middle of all this nonsense, I still managed to complete my newest middle-grade manuscript, tentatively called SIGNS. I finished the final chapters this week, writing frantically in odd moments between adding columns of numbers and feigning interest in bad television. Now I need to spend at least a couple of weeks editing, tweaking and polishing. But I'm so excited, because the storyline finally hangs together, the character arcs are complete, and I'm still really, really in love with the story.

So since I have so much to smile about, I am sharing one of my very favorite poems with you. Whenever I read it, it always makes me Smile.

Smiles are like Southwinds from a rose and gold sky~
They smooth and they cheer as they softly pass by;
Smiles are the jewels of kindness and mirth~
Smiles are the sweetest of all things on earth.


Katrina Stonoff said...

I called Casey the first day of Hollywood week as the winner. But after this week, I'm wavering about moving over to Crystal's camp.

Beth said...

THat is a really sweet poem. Thanks for sharing.

Those reality tv shows are a killer. I am not into AI but I love the Biggest Loser and Project Runway. :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh....I am so envious of you having your taxes done!! Congratulations - that is always a huge weight off the shoulders, isn't it?
I've never caught the Bachelor or AI bug, but my husband has loved Survivor for many, many years. :-)

Vonna said...

The appeal of reality shows has always evaded me, but I am thrilled for you for having finished your new novel...and your taxes! Congratulations!