Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Lion and the Mouse

Every January, I am curious to see what books the American Library Association has picked to win the Newbery Medal (for excellence in children's literature) and the Caldecott Medal (for most distinguished picture book.) And then of course I try to lay my hands on a copy of each. Because I love good books - don't you?

I want to share with you the winner of the 2010 Randolph Caldecott Medal this year. It's called The Lion and the Mouse, by artist Jerry Pinkney.

An almost wordless retelling of the old Aesop's Fable about how one kindness begets another, the bold and lovely illustrations just knock my socks off.

No one would doubt that Jerry Pinkney richly deserves this award. As a matter of fact, this artist has won the Caldecott Honor Medal (basically a runner-up award) five different times. To see more of his fantastic work, go here: and click on through to get to his main page.

Here's a quote from Jerry Pinkney's Artist's Note at the back of this book: "My curiosity and reverence for animal life has grown over the years . . ."

The Lion and The Mouse is a lovely, lovely book. If you are an animal lover (like me), book lover, have small children to read to, or are a lover of glowing illustrations, pick up a copy at a book store or library near you. It's fabulous.

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