Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I'm pleased to announce that my newest in the series Cat Tales was just released, and it's called The Newlywed Cat.

Alison and Matt have been married for only nineteen days and they're already having their first fight. When an awesome grey cat comes into their lives, they both adore it and things go more smoothly. But when money gets tight and things look bleakest, will this free-spirited cat drive a wedge between them?
Priced at just $0.99, I hope you'll like this newest short read. Of course it features a cat, but also some very real human characters with their own share of problems.
Here's the link on Amazon (in the United States) and it's also available on other Amazon sites all over the world.



Patricia said...

Oh, this sounds like a good one. Can't wait to read it. Just bought it for my Kindle.

Linda Benson said...

Thanks, Patti. Happy reading!