Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Privacy for Hens

Ah - Spring! The days are longer, the chickens and ducks are laying like crazy, and some of them appear a bit broody. (No not depressed - in poultry language, this translates into an instinct to set on their eggs and hatch babies.)

So I decided to make my girls some chicken curtains. For privacy.

Since I have multiple hens laying, as well as three duck hens all jostling for a spot, I figured that they might prefer more privacy. (And actually was inspired by a blog post about it over at a great chicken site called The Chicken Chick.)

Privacy? My husband choked on his food. Why do chickens need privacy?

Heh, what do men know?

I bought a remnant of barnyard plaid for only three dollars and stapled it to the wood. Hint: I only went partway across, to let them get used to the idea, and will probably extend the curtain after a couple of days. (Chickens can get a bit hysterical over something new in their surroundings.)

So this morning - SUCCESS! I had three duck eggs in these nests before the sun came up (ducks lay early.) And here is my hen Daisy, who seems to like the idea, don't you think?

I hope to raise some baby ducks soon (although I'm not sure if a chicken or a duck will set on the eggs.) But that will be a topic for a further blog post. Stay tuned!


Patricia said...

How sweet. I think they'll enjoy it. It looks inviting and cozy.

Linda Benson said...

Oh good. I was afraid the plaid was too busy. Or perhaps they'd have preferred a chicken motif. *wink*