Friday, October 4, 2013

Hen Power - and a Secret Project

So hens really get a bad rap, don't they?

Think of all the derogatory remarks you hear about them -

Laying an egg: to do something bad or poorly
A bunch of old hens: women who sit around and talk incessantly
Hen-pecked: a man who lets a woman walk all over him, because the rooster should rule the roost (really?)

Well, I'm here to tell you that hens are pretty darn amazing and cool.

These are my three adorable hens, from front to back: Daisy, Fluffy, and Dory.

Daisy (a Buff Orpington) lays an egg a day, with no problem or hassle whatsoever.

Dory (a Silver-Gray Dorking) is a little more nervous, and frets about the whole thing. Daisy sometimes sits outside the nesting area and sings a hen song to her, which I'm sure goes something like this: "Come on darling, lay that egg. Have no fear, we're here for you."

Fluffy ( a Salmon Faverolles) sits near Dory and Daisy, learning what to do. She actually laid her very first egg two days ago, and another one this morning. (So proud of her.)

These hens have wonderful community spirit, and I know they share information and support for one other.

I'm starting on a brand new project in life, too, and I have two author friends who have been giving me encouragement and support. Maggie Dana and Barbara Morgenroth, two successful indie authors, have taken me under their wing, so to speak (don't you love all my chicken metaphors?) and are giving me advice and egging me on (ha!) to hatch my secret project.

I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. Hopefully an announcement here soon.

And I hope I don't Lay an Egg - although truthfully, to do so successfully is really a remarkable achievement, don't you think?


Patricia said...

Wonderful analogies and I'm sure you will NOT lay an egg when you indie-publish your "book". I'm anxious to see if that's what you're referring to and you're so lucky to have two fellow authors to help you out. It seems like such a daunting experience.
I love the pictures. Those hens are beautiful.

jane ayres said...

Hens are gorgeous - I love them! So friendly and soothing. The pics are lovely.

Linda Benson said...

Thanks for your nice comments, Patti and Jane! Regarding my secret project, let's just say that I'm testing the waters by dipping my toe in. Bawk Bawk.