Monday, July 8, 2013

Surprise, Surprise!

Moving through the seasons at our new place, I've been amazed at the variety of wild plants sprouting and blooming. I've been researching them, cataloging them, and finding all of their scientific names.

Blue-eyed Mary Collinsia sparsiflora

I've thrilled to showy masses of native wildflowers on our side hill, and wafts of perfume drifting up from wild azalea and mock orange thriving in our wetlands area.

Mock Orange   Philadelphus lewisii

And yet the spot of color that suddenly appeared in a crack on our back patio caught me most by surprise.

Common Petunia

Nature's will to survive is the most amazing thing of all to me.


Ellen's Poetry said...

Nice images - wonderful to have space for native species. will be fun through the fall as they continue to pop up and bloom. Nature's resiliency is amazing. how a tiny seed can take root anywhere. So glad you are enjoying your new home and surrounding space.

Dreaming said...

I love wildflowers. I also find it interesting to discover what they are. Nice photos!

Linda Benson said...

Thanks for stopping by, Ellen and Dreaming. I find such joy and inspiration in the beauty of nature and the outdoors. And I love being able to spend more time outside now. It's great!