Monday, December 10, 2012

A Fairy Garden

Look what sprang up overnight in our yard from a sodden bed of leaves, bark, needles, and twigs.

I don't know what kind of mushrooms these are, do you?

But it's enough to make you imagine sprites, elves, pixies, or fairies having a party here.

Shhh! Think I'll go pen a fairy tale. *grin*


Patricia said...

Hey, Linda, I see these on the trail all the time but don't know what they are. They DO bring up images of tiny gnomes and fairies hiding under their umbrella-like heads!

Linda Benson said...

I know! I'd love to know the name of them, but I'm not going to try and decide if they're edible or not. I'll just leave them be, thank you. :-)

Sharon Ledwith said...

I think I just saw Tinkerbell! Wink. Great images, Linda! Cheers and happy holidays!

Laura Marcella said...

I think Christmas elves might have planted them for the fairies to have a nice place to wait for Santa so they can replenish his sleigh with magic dust. :)

Linda Benson said...

Ha - Sharon and Laura, you guys are too funny. Wishing Christmas magic to you both! ;-)