Monday, October 29, 2012

Ten Random Things

Some days, when I have time to write, I just cannot get the words out.

Some days I do feel creative, but instead, need to clean my house, feed my animals, cook dinner for my family, put make-up on for a party.

And some days I need to update my blog, and have NO IDEA what I should write about. *SIGH*

So, here are 10 Random Things happening right now:

1. I am worried about people and animals on the East Coast of the United States, in the path of Hurricane Sandy, and becoming somewhat glued to the television news of it, here on the West Coast. Sending good thoughts your way, everyone!

2. It is almost Halloween, a holiday that I don't really get into that much, because I don't like scary stuff.

3. I do love pumpkins, however, as well as pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice muffins, and pumpkin chocolate chip anything. :-)

4. I need to take my dogs for a walk, especially my new young rescue dog, who thrives on exercise. But is it quite windy and cold out, so I'm sitting inside procrastinating.

5. I am chugging away at the sequel to The Girl Who Remembered Horses, which is about a journey that the main character, Sahara, takes with her horse, and I'd like nothing better than to work on it all day, but I have other things planned.

6. I saw the movie "Argo" last night and I thought it was excellent. Oscars, anyone?

7. Since we got our new rescue dog, we haven't seen our barn cat, Lucy, for a month now, and I'm feeling guilty about that.

8. We pulled out tomato plants from the garden, and hung them upside down in the barn, where they will continue to ripen most of their remaining tomatoes. Every year I am amazed at how this happens.

9. I sent a package off to a young relative this morning for her birthday. I went through my bookcase, trying to decide which book to give her. This was one of my very favorites, and I had quite a talk with myself: "You can't part with that book - you LOVE it." "Yes, but what are books for, if not to share? This one would be perfect for her." "Okay, okay, but I will really miss this one, but perhaps we can have a book discussion about it after she reads it." Want to know which one it is? It's by Sharon Creech, and it's about poetry, dogs, love, and feelings. (You should read it, too. ;-))

10. Is that ten? Good, because it's going to rain. I am now going outside to brave the wind and give my dogs a good run. Then come back inside and try to squeeze in a few words on my manuscript, called (at the moment) Sahara's Journey. Wish me luck!


Laura Marcella said...

I love all of Sharon Creech's books! Your relative is going to cherish that book just as much as you have. :)

So far I still have power here in Philadelphia! It's raining and windy, but it's really not so bad yet. I think it's supposed to be worse later tonight and tomorrow. I sure hope Sandy gets rid of her bad attitude soon, though!

Linda Benson said...

Thanks, Laura. Yes, I really admire Sharon Creech's work too.

I'm thinking of you in the storm! I hope it goes away soon, for everyone's sake.

Patricia said...

Really enjoyed reading the tens things you're thinking about today. I should do that every day, just to check in with myself since many of us are "multi-thinking" and we get direction-less because we have too much on our minds. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your new rescue pup.

Linda Benson said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sharon. Today, it is raining too hard for a romp with the dogs. Soooo - a bone to chew for them, and writing time for me. Yes!

Sharon Ledwith said...

Well, an early morning power outage compliments of Sandy put a screw in the works for my ten. But I can check one off the list by commenting on a friends blog! Slowly catching up!

Dreaming said...

I've been struggling with what to post... and procrastinating... maybe I'll do 10 things, too!

Linda Benson said...

Sharon and Dreaming - thanks for stopping by! Some times I think up great posts, and sometimes - not so much. (Nice to know other bloggers go through this too.) So feel free to post your own ten random things - maybe we'll start a trend. ;-)