Saturday, September 15, 2012

What Fuels the Writer

Oh, you probably thought this would be a post about fresh air, healthy food, exercise or mental stimulation, right?

Nah. What I actual meant was - what gives you your caffeine fix?

Coffee, tea, or soft drinks?

Here's mine:

I like plain old Folgers Coffee. That's what we drink in our house.
No frills, no lattes, no mochas, no whipped cream.

No Starbucks, no green tea, no black tea, no fancy-flavored creamer,
Just plain old black coffee for me.

And these are my favorite three coffee cups. On the left is one I got in Alaska. In the middle, one I got at a beautiful beach in the Virgin Islands. On the right, one I got at a production of Les Miserables. They all hold special memories, which is why they are my favorites.

So tell me, are you a Coffee person? Tea? Coke? What's your favorite pick-me-upper?


Sloane Taylor said...

Linda, in the morning it's two cups of Hills Brothers in my special cup.:) Lunch through the afternoon is Pepsi. Around dinner time is my favorite adult beverage - vodka on ice. Life is good!!

Ann Montclair said...

I'm a nonfat vanilla latte girl. If I could I'd drink four a day, but I settle for two. Used to be a mocha lover, but then I got fat.

Derek said...

Peppermint tea, or fennel tea, ably supported by chocolate biscuits.

Linda Benson said...

I love hearing everyone's beverages of choice. Sloane - you've got one for each part of the day *grin* Ann - I used to dump sugar in my coffee, but had to quit for the same reason. Derek - I've never been a tea drinker, although I keep hearing it's good for you. But chocolate with coffee - well, nothing better. Although sadly, I rarely indulge anymore. My perfect world would be one where chocolate contained no calories. ;-)

Mitzy Tait-Zeller said...

I would be joining you for coffee. :)

Eleni Konstantine said...

At home, I mainly drink herbal teas - there's a great chamomile and spearmint one that is wonderful for the digestion.

But when I go out, I love my decaf latte with hazelnut - it hits the right spot. It's my indulgence.

Sharon Ledwith said...

We have a Keurig and love it!I get up early, make a cup of breakfast blend and head up to my liar to write. I go back for seconds in an hour. Tea is an afternoon drink, best served green, with a square of chocolate. Yum.