Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Bird Nerd

Every single year, when the days finally get long and the weather warm, I have a hard time staying interested in writing. Yes, I know I have four books published, with a fifth, called Walking the Dog coming out this September. So I do have the physical proof that I am *clearsthroat* actually a writer.

But I don't want to write in the summer! And I have to remind myself, every single year, that yes, I am truly a writer, but summers are for Being Outside! Smelling the Flowers! And Bird Watching!

Because I find myself spending hours watching mother birds talking to their broods, encouraging them to leave the nest. I grab my camera at every opportunity to take silly shots of baby birds in and out of their nests. And annoy my friends by posting them on facebook. Yes - it's true. I am a certified Bird Nerd!

Baby Barn Swallows in Nest

Baby Barn Swallows who just left the nest, learning to fly.

See what I mean??

And because my life spills over into my writing, there is even a scene in my newest book, Six Degrees of Lost, where the barn swallows suddenly leave, which they do. They grow up and fly south. It will happen soon now, and summer will be over, and I'll go back to my regularly scheduled program of banging out words on the computer.

But for now, excuse me. I'm off to spot a young Swainson's thrush . . .


Patricia said...

One of the coolest experiences I ever had was when a hummingbird nested on our front porch and built the nest in the red bicycle hook hanging from the ceiling! She had two hummies and I cried when they all left.

Linda Benson said...

Gosh, that must have been amazing! And to have it so close - wow. I've never seen a hummingbird nest but I've seen a picture, and they are so tiny! I did see a baby hummingbird on some flowers on my front porch just a few days ago. It looked like a large bug, and I had to look twice, and yep, a baby hummer. Sooooo cute.