Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Rain in Spain

Well, I've never been to Spain. But all the Rain we get in the Northwest means that things stay green around here for a long time. And it grows lots of grass. Too much grass, sometimes, which means that my two donkeys, Mr. Chocolate and Mr. Big, are locked in a smaller paddock so they don't overeat and founder. But we found some takers!

Here are Rojo (the horse) and Rastus (the mule) munching away, helping us make good use of this abundance of feed.

And here are Mr. Chocolate and Mr. Big, dejectedly pacing their corral, pouting. I think they look plenty well-fed though, don't you? (You can just imagine the names they are calling those interlopers.)


June Kramin said...

Nice! Glad you have some takers. Looks like you could bail it & save it for winter!! Your donkeys look like my pony! LOL

Derek said...

We wanted donkeys for our village, but some of our neighbours (not a pun, honest!) weren't too keen. They always look as if they have kindly faces - the donkeys I mean. :o)

Linda Benson said...

June - I wish we could, but it's hard to find someone to cut and bale small acreages such as ours. Grass hay is pretty inexpensive here, most years, so we end up buying some for the winter.

Derek - that's too bad you couldn't convince your neighbors to give donkeys a chance. They are kindly animals, very sweet, and take minimal care. Just occasional worming and hoof trimming. They follow you around like big puppy dogs, they love to be scratched and cuddled, and best of all, they make everyone SMILE.

Patricia said...

Great pictures. I lived in Spain for a year but don't remember the rain in Madrid. I don't recall much nice weather though, but it's been since 1973, so maybe my memory has failed me.