Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Musa Books that I Love

Hi Everyone! I'm part of a Musa Blog Hop taking place February 16-18th, 2012.

Welcome, Blog Hoppers! I am a YA author with Musa's Euterpe imprint. My newest release with them is called The Girl Who Remembered Horses (scroll down for info on how to win this one) with two more books due for release this year!

But there are lots of other great Musa YA books, too! One of them that I love is Stained Glass Summer, by Mindy Hardwick.

Twelve-year-old Jasmine wants to be an artist. But, can she escape the shadow of her artistic Father to discover her own path as a glass artist?

Twelve-year-old Jasmine adores her photographer Father and wants to be an artist just like him. But when Dad abandons the family, Jasmine is sent to spend the summer with her Uncle on a Pacific Northwest Island. Soon, Jasmine is learning stained glass from island glass artist, Opal, and thinking she might just be developing a crush on Island boy, Cole. But, it’s not until Jasmine finds herself mentoring another young artist that she can truly let go of her Father and call herself an artist by her own terms. The story will appeal to young readers between the ages of 8-12.

And here's another, that I can hardly wait to read - Keeper of Directions by L.K. Mitchell:

Lance, a ten-year-old boy with Asperger's Syndrome, and his smart-mouthed, teenage sister are taken under the wing by a clan of shape-shifting Ravens who're preparing for a great war at the Arctic Circle and who've claimed Lance as the next Keeper of Directions.

While on a vacation from the U.S., ten-year-old Lance learns that a raven named Rose has been stolen from the Tower of London. The Ravens kept at the Tower are a clan of shape-shifters entrusted with keeping the natural world from the chaos of global warming, floods, and earthquakes. The Ravens' control is maintained through war with the ancient DiLong: the Komodo people. Back home in Seattle, Lance and his teenage sister Vivi are caught up with the search for Rose and the warring shape-shifters heading to battle for control over the Directions. Lance is chosen as the apprentice Keeper of Directions but have the Ravens made a wise choice? Lance has Asperger's Syndrome. Can a ten-year-old Aspie and his smart-mouthed, teenage sister help set the natural world in order?

****Now for the Blog Hop Contest!****

I'm giving away one eBook copy of The Girl Who Remembered Horses, which is getting great reviews.

In a world that has forgotten the ancient bond between horses and humans, can one girl’s dreams make people remember?

Several generations into the future, Sahara travels with her clan in a barren environment where recyclables are bartered for sustenance, and few remember horses or their connection to humans. But Sahara has recurring visions of riding astride on magnificent animals that run like the wind.

With the help of Evan, a young herder from the Gardener's Camp, Sahara discovers a crumbling book containing pictures of humans riding horses and learns her visions are real. Confronting a group of hunters led by hot-headed Dojo, Sahara rescues a wounded horse, but the animal escapes before it can be tamed.

Sahara is labeled a foolish dreamer and almost gives up her quest. Following horse tracks into a remote ravine, she finds wild dogs attacking a dying mare, and must drive them off in order to save the foal. Now she must attempt to raise the young animal, finally convince her clan of the ancient bond between horses and humans, and learn the secret of her true identity.

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below, follow me on this blog and "like" the book on Facebook. Easy Peasy!

Be sure and follow the rest of the Blog Hop, too, by visiting these great sites Feb 16-18, for more great prizes and chances to win stuff!

Good luck, everyone! Have fun!


Amaleen Ison said...

Great book suggestions. I already have both of these on my TBR list. Can't wait to read them.
Thanks for the recommendations. :-)

Sharon.M.Bidwell said...

Wandering from blog to blog I'm getting a real taste of how many different books there are at Musa, which is great inspiration as well as very tempting. This hop was a good idea.

Sharon Ledwith said...

Reading THE GIRL WHO REMEMBERED HORSES now, will finish by the weekend and will review on Musa, Goodreads and anywhere else who'll let me. Fab read! Looking forward to more great things to come from the mind of Linda Benson! Go, girl!

June Kramin said...

Already pimped you on my hop but wanted to say hey & whoops - now I follow you! :)

Dreaming said...

I want to read the books! I guess I am just YA at heart!

Sara Daniel said...

These YA books sound great. Wish I could read everything at once!

Mindy Hardwick said...

Thanks for including Stained Glass Summer, Linda!

Libby Mercer said...

I second what Sara said! I also wish I was a speed reader, but I do like to linger over words... Thanks for the recommendations, Linda!

Arley Cole said...

You have been followed!!! And you know what I think about GWRH!!! Great book! I've got to get Keeper and Stained Glass as well. So many great Musa YA choices!!

Cindi Myers said...

Hello from a fellow Musa author. I'm enjoying learning so much about the wide variety of books at Musa.

Kirbs2u said...

Wow these books look so good. :) Really good. I bet my daughter would love them too. Thank you

Eleni Konstantine said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Linda. Just adding more and more to the TBR.

Linda Benson said...

Thanks everyone, for your comments! I'm going to pick one winner when the Blog Hop is over, so make sure you've done all three things to be in the drawing. Good luck to you all!

Linda Benson said...

Congratulations to Libby Mercer - who wins a copy of The Girl Who Remembered Horses. Libby - please contact me by email: linda (at) lindabenson (dot)net and let me know what format works best for you. Thanks to everyone who entered!