Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unhappy Campers, or Donkeys on a Diet

Mr. Chocolate (right) and Mr. Big (left) are quite upset. They've been locked out of their lush pasture (in the background.) Cold Turkey.

Here they are sulking:

Not only are they getting too fat, but all this grass we have in the Pacific Northwest is too much for donkeys, who evolved in desert surroundings. They can founder, and I've already lost one dear donkey to founder.

This is not a pregnant donkey - this is Mr. Big, a 7 year old gelding who is now on a diet.

Yes, Mr. Chocolate and Mr. Big are not very happy with me right now. They are restricted to what little grass is left in the corral and dry grass hay.

But hey, it's tough love. Tough Donkey Love.

(Now if someone could just do that for me - with chocolate) *grin*

Ever had to put your animals on a diet?


Judi said...

Linda: Why don't you bring your "boys" to Redmond for a week or so, not only would they benefit from the desert landscape and sparse browsing, but my neighbors would be so appreciative of the wake-up call each morning. Donkeys were residents one pasture away before the subdivision surrounded us. Each day we awoke to their friendly reminder that they were still there, even pig squeals and aromas were resonating and floating on the breezes.

Linda Benson said...

Yes! I should bring them over and rent them out as Alarm Clocks. They'd probably love to browse through rabbit brush and juniper, just for something different to taste. Sorry about the houses all around you now ;(

Anonymous said...

Those donkeys sure are sweet looking! Nice they have each other to sulk with now lol.

Dreaming said...

Pippin and Doc commiserate with Mr. Big and Mr. Chocolate. They hate being 'locked up' in their paddocks - but founder is an issue for Pippin, too. Weight is an issue for Doc. So....I am the meany and I really don't like it, either!

Laura Marcella said...

Awww, poor donkeys! They'll thank you for it later when they get lean and fit and Shape magazine comes calling. :)

Linda Benson said...

Anonymous - yes, at least they have each other ;)

Dreaming - I hate locking them up, too, but hopefully it's only until the grass dries up a little. We've had so much rain it just keeps growing and growing. Good luck with Pippin and Doc!

Laura, yes, I'll get them ready for the New. Donkey. Shape Magazine! *chuckle*

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

I love this post, Linda! And the photos are great! Your dilemma reminded me of all the springtime issues we had with grass and grazing (with our horse). I think just about every animal I've ever shared my life with has had to be on a diet at some point. Not one was ever happy about it. Good luck!