Friday, June 18, 2010


Publishing is a slow business. Sometimes things don't go as fast as we like. It is easy to get disheartened, discouraged, and lose faith in ourselves and our writing. At these times we often need an encouraging word, a day or two off, or maybe some good old-fashioned Persistence.

Now That We've Exhausted All Possibilities . . .
Let's Get Started.

My daughter gave me this poster several years ago, and it hangs it my writing area. Sometimes I need it as inspiration to dig in when the going gets tough.

Today, I'm sharing it with you. Hope you can use it from time to time also, when you're down to your last pencil stub.

What keeps you going through tough times, slow times, and down times? Care to share?


Julie Musil said...

What a great poster, and a great reminder that persistence is a must!

What keeps me going is the knowledge that I do have something to say, and I love writing.

middle grade ninja said...

I think I'll have to find that poster and hang it above my writing desk.

Shelby Bach said...

The only thing that really gets me through the hard times is that I know that writing is a part of me - and that hard times are part of writing.

But so are the good times - the joyous moment when you finish that first draft, the day you reread something that you set aside and realize that it was much better writing than you thought.

And honestly, I can't imagine doing anything else.

Linda Benson said...

Shelby - yes those are joyous moments that you mentioned, and we have to take those to heart.

MGNinja - Yes it's a good poster, and I think they are probably still available on the internet.

Julie - yes, exactly. The fact that we have something to say makes us keep going. And it helps to be reminded of how our words can touch others.

In my newest wip, barn swallows are mentioned in one or two scenes, and it sparked a discussion in my critique group about their presence (and usefulness at catching bugs) in barns. I had forgotten all about that discussion, when one of my critique partners let me know her husband was inclined to now leave the barn swallows alone. All because of my words. So yes, I guess I will keep writing, because our words shape the world, in ways we often don't even know.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Nice post! I love the pencil!

I guess what helps me is my blog friends. Knowing someone is reading my words is very comforting and inspiring.

Linda Benson said...

Yes, Sharon, I have found the blogging community very friendly and supportive also. These little comments make you feel not only that somebody is reading, but they are sharing the journey, too.

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

I love this post and your poster! Persistence, I think, should be one of the most important words in a writer's vocabulary.

When things get rough, I focus on how much I love to write. For me, the passion enables the persistence.