Sunday, May 16, 2010

Old is Just a Number

I called somebody "Kid" today in an email, and it made their day. "Hey - I'm 34," she said.

"Yeah, well I'm old enough to be everybody's damn Grandma," I said. "Especially Kody Keplinger."

Actually, that's not exactly true. But I think I am the oldest one of Joanna Stampfel-Volpe's clients, a special, tight-knit group of writers who are required (it's in the contract, seriously) to get tattoos (we won't say where) that read JSV.

But, as as one agent blogged about recently - age is just a number. And writers both young and old are celebrated in this post from Laura Marcella.

As for me, I am still young at heart, with a child's delight of things in the world. I hope I never lose that, because that's what keeps me writing for children.

But it is difficult for old people to keep up with all this new internet stuff. Especially the words.

I'm pretty good, though. I know what BFF means. Biggest French Fry, right?

And ROFL. I learned that one, too. Racing out for Lunch. Told ya' I was good.

But all this social networking lingo is dicey. I mean, I think I've mastered:
  • Peep - a people (person)
  • Tweep - a person who twitters (or tweets)
  • Twitface - a person who twits and facebooks (and who is your friend on both)
  • Gleek - a person who lives for Tuesday nights.

but Bestie? what the heck is that? A special internet friend, that reads your blog, your facebook, your twitter, leaves comments and hopefully buys your book someday?

The reason I'm learning all these cool new words is that to be an author these days, you're supposed to social network like crazy, have a web page, a blog, a facebook (which I'm getting really paranoid about because of all the privacy issues, but that's because I'm old, peeps) twitter (which at least I know is completely public, so no prob) accumulate besties like crazy while also writing the next Most Magnificent Manuscript, which is literally exhausting for some of us who are like - really old.

Anyway, I am very glad to be included with all of you as a peep, tweep, twitface, gleek, and bestie. Group Hug, everybody.

Now excuse me while I hobble out to the mailbox. I think my brand new AARP card just arrived. Yes!!


Amy Lukavics said...

"I think my new AARP card just arrived." LOL! Linda, I have never looked at you as The Old One, or even just simply 'an older lady.' I view you as a kick ass, genuinely kind (your recent email about oregon made my day, seriously), awesome lady who has the same favorite animal as me.

I sincerely enjoy being in the JSV crew.

Linda Benson said...

Kick-ass. Yes, I'll take that. Thanks, Amy. You'd love the Pacific Northwest, btw. Lots of forests and rivers and pretty stuff.

Monica said...

Oh hahahaha, ROFL!! I can't stop laughing.

For reals, though, I second Amy's title! Kick-ass, geniunely kind, awesome lady. Yeah. And I'm sure I speak for all us tatooed JSV folk when I say we're thrilled to be your Besties. And tweeps. And twitfaces. We <3 you, Damn Grandma--so much, maybe we'll buy you a new shawl and cane for your birthday. :)

Seriously. Thanks for the laugh--you just made my day. For the second time.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I know what you mean...Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all of the technology. Blogs, Twittering, Fbing, skyping, webinars...and dare I say it; google documents and dashboards. I have yet to figure out google documents...I think it will have to wait for another day...TTYL!

Linda Benson said...

Monica - thanks so much. I'll take the shawl - it gets mighty cold up here in the winter. And maybe I can use that cane to beat my manuscript into submission - literally LOL.

Sharon - you are ahead of me on that stuff. I know nothing about skyping, webinars, or google docs. And I hope I don't have to learn, either!!

middle grade ninja said...

If they ever get wifi at Denny's, we can all one day look forward to tweeting about our various aches and pains while enjoying the early bird special and perhaps an episode of Matlock on Hulu. Golden years, indeed.

Loretta Nyhan said...

Best. Post. Ever.

I thought FTW meant From the Wild. So you're doing great with the Internet lingo.

Linda Benson said...

MGninja - I always thought you were just a youngster. Internet personas can be deceiving, huh?

Loretta - I'll come to you first when I need to decode something ;)

But hey, I'm totally bummed. Joanna informs me I am NOT her oldest client. (How does she KNOW this stuff?) There go my bragging rights.

Shelby Bach said...

WONDERFUL post, Linda! Team JoSVolpe rocks!! At all ages!!!

Uh, and is it a problem that I routinely have to google "internet speak" to figure out what people are saying? I can't even blame it on the young whippersnappers making stuff up when I'm not looking... :-o